appEUI generation fot OTAA devices

  • 13 February 2020
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During the process of creating new OTAA device we needs to provide a appEUI (64 bit). 

Is a randomly generated code sufficient or do we have to meet some resctriction?

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Hi @LoraEddy ,

Thanks for your question! 
Before I go into your question in terms of content, I first have another question. Have you already registered for the replacement of the LoRa Developer Portal, the KPN Things Portal?


Yes, I have indeed. 

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Goodafternoon @LoraEddy,

Thanks for the clarification! 
In that case, I will transfer this topic to the KPN Things forum.

Futhermore, I want to ask you to check the Connect a device page. Here you can find instructions that will help you create new devices.