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  • 11 January 2023
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Hi Rick,

Was one of the updates on 16-05-2023 by any chance?
We had some odd behaviour with our devices. A short description:

< 16-05-2023 08:53 normal situation

22-05-2023 we were alerted that the destination for the devices was changed, and instead of */iot it was now *//iot
22-05-2023 we changed the destination URLs back to */iot
22-05-2023 requests were coming in again, but failing parsing. Payload bodies were raw hex values, where before they were JSON formatted. Running the hex values through a hex-ascii converter like:'Auto') we see the familiar body again.
The headers for the failing and successful requests differ.:

missing in failing request: “accept”, “accept-encoding”, “content-type”, “things-plug-uuid”,
different: user-agent & x-amzn-trace-id

All these devices are still in our freemium project.

The decoders are set as follows, and have not been modified since creating them:

  • Could you clarify where the URL change came from?
  • Could you explain why the request headers differ?

Kind regards,


Hi @Rick S. 

This thread has been marked as ‘Answered’, so please let me know if I should start a new thread with my question above, or if it's still relevant to this discussion. Could you have a look at it?

Kind regards,


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Hey Arie, 

Thanks for your message!
I think the question is still relevant so no need to start a new topic with this question. Following your response above, I have asked the specialists to assist in answering these questions. For now, I can confirm that the first update was completed on 16-05. For the other questions I am still waiting for an answer from the specialists. It's taking longer than usual because there were a few high priority projects. Our apologies!