Getting KPN support from the US

  • 14 October 2021
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Having a hell of a time getting KPN Business support from the US.  I have to give myself an NL number to even call support as you can’t call 0800 numbers from the US.  Email is hit or miss to support@kpn.com as well.  Seems like they pick and choose when to reply and when not to.  


We both internet and a SIP trunk and have had it since 2013, our internet has been down since JULY and I have had no luck getting in touch with support or even finding out who our account rep is.  If there is anyone on this forum that can help me please do as I am at my wits end with KPN.  

3 reacties

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Good afternoon,

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How frustrating to read that the internet has been down for so long. Of course I would like to find out how we can solve this asap.  Can you send me a private message with the customer number of this subscription, the company name and the zip code + house number of the connection address?

@Rick S. 

I just messaged you, let me know what you can do to help me.




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Good morning, 

After our contact in private (Friday)  am very curious if the problems with the internet have been solved? Has there been contact (perhaps through the contact person on site) with my colleagues from the service desk?