Prepaid KPN number not reachable

  • 28 February 2023
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I purchased a KPN prepaid sim card on January and  activated it already,  the problem is I cannot receive any calls from inside or outside the Netherlands. It is always busy and this actually cost me a lot of business issues with my perspective employers.

Please I would like to have an immediate support regarding this issue !!.



Dr. Mohab ELHawary 




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Hello @mohabelhawary 

Welcome to the KPN Business Forum!

I would like to help solving the problems you are facing with the prepaid simcard.
Did it work properly before without facing any problems?
Are you able to call outgoing, or isn't that working either?

Please send me a private message with the mobile phone number you use on the prepaid simcard.
I also would like to know what device and modelnumber you are using. 

Thank you for sharing the requested details @mohabelhawary 
Are you also facing the issue when DND/Do not disturb mode is turned off?
Can you also check if your phone does not have call forwarding active?


Thank you for your consideration.

Yes, regardless it is on or off, I encounter the same issue.

I just checked also the call forwarding option it is set off.

Alright, do you know if the caller is being redirected to your voicemail? Or do they get a message containing you can't be reached or something else? And do you receive any missed call notifications?