Underscores not allowed in URL path

  • 24 April 2023
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My web hook URL is rejected when configuring an HTTPS endpoint:

URL is required. It should start with the HTTP secure protocol (https://), followed by a valid domain and optionally a path. A valid domain contains a period (.), and cannot contain an underscore (_).

The abbriviated URL is:


And it contains an underscore in the path and not in the domain. 
The underscore should be allowed in the path.
I can’t change the path at the hooks.
nabu.casa site. This is automatically generated.

How to solve this?



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Goodmorning @Hans Meent,

Welcome to the IoT community!
We are of course happy to think along with you. I searched based on the information from the forum profile and I think I found the Things Portal account based on your email address. In this account I see an active device and an active HTTPS Endpoint with a webhook destination. Do I understand correctly that you are now trying to create a (2nd) new endpoint?

Hi Rick,

This morning found two ways to avoid the error:

1 First enter URL without path, Save, Edit again and enter full path

2 Use escape character %5F instead of the underscore. Should not be required according to specs but it works.

I get my data in Home Assistant so problem is solved.

Thanks, Hans

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Hey Hans, 

Thanks for your reaction! 

Great to hear that you found these ‘workarounds’. I will share the feedback with the specialists, so they can correct the documentation. If we can help you with any other questions, please let us know.

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