Azure Event Hub Plug issue

  • 20 April 2020
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I'm having issues with sending data from the KPN Things Network to my Azure Event Hub using the Azure Event Hub plug. I'm using the KPN Things portal to configure the Plug with the following values

URL : https://{my-event-hub-namespace}
Event Space Name : {My Event Hub Instance name}
Namespace: {my-event-hub-namespace}
SAS Key Name : {sas-key-name}
SAS Key: {sas key}

As said, the data is not arriving in my event hub. I've also tried to use a different url (https://{my-event-hub-namespace}{My Event Hub Instance name}/messages), in line with what you would use when sending a message using a POST HTTPS request to the event hub, but that also failed. 

The developer portal doesn't give me any hints on what goes wrong, so could you give me some pointers here?

Thanks a lot!



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Hi @fgjvt ,

I received feedback from the specialists this morning. My colleague sees that the messages have been sent, but also that the URL is not set correctly. The URL as you have configured is in the wrong format. We would therefore ask you to adjust the URL according to the format and example on the Azure Event Hub Plug page. You can then take a new test. 


If this does not work either, we would like to hear it, so I can ask the specialists to investigate further. Therefore, just to be sure, enter a mobile phone number in your forum profile (in case my colleagues want to contact you by phone) :wink:

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your reply! I've adjusted the url accordingly but I still don't receive the messages in my Event Hub…

Hope to hear form you soon!


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Hi @fgjvt 

I asked my colleague to investigate further. Meanwhile we have an additional question, do you want to send the messages to an Event Hub or an IoT Hub now?

We now see Event Hub plugs, but the title says IoT Hub. Can you explain this further?


I've tried both, actually. For now I want to send the data to the Event Hub.

For clarity, I've just removed the Iot Hub plug. The event hub plug is still there.


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Hi @fgjvt , 

Here we are again!
My colleague checked everything and finally he found an configuration issue on our side. Off course, we fixed it right away. So if you are trying to send the messages to an Event Hub, you should see the messages now. Can you please test this?

I receive the messages now!

Thanks a lot for your efforts!


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Hi @fgjvt

Great to hear that it is working now! 
And I'm sorry that it took a while to find and fix this issue. 

If you have any other questions, you know where to find us :wink: