Get an eSIM for a Business Account Cellphone

  • 4 November 2021
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Just received a corporate cellphone after joining my current company. After porting my personal number to the corporative KPN account I was able to enrol KPN’s network.

I want to change my current SIM card and start using a eSIM (on the iPhone 12 the company gave me) but I wasn’t able to perform this tasks by my own (I tried using KPN app).

After contacting my company’s IT service desk they suggested me to reach out <company>@kpn.com to ask for help but no response until today.


Is there any away to receive assistance with this problem?

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Hi @ian.castillo and welcome to the KPN business forum. 

I will check to see if it is possible for your subscription type. Could you send me your mobile phone number and customer iD through private message?

DM sent it.

Talked with a business account representative at my company and found a solution.